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EC2073/2005 Microbiological Requirements

Legislative Requirements.

Those that work with retail pack products with a shelf-life over 3 days are required by law to conduct microbiological testing of food products for retail sale.  In the food industry there are other microbiological requirements that need to be met and food businesses are struggling to keep up to date with legislation.

This course has been designed to help those who little knowledge for microbiology requirements or those who need more clarification on microbiological requirements.

Who needs this qualification?

  • Technical Managers
  • Food Business Operators who retail pack
  • Quality Managers
  • Butchers
  • Small retailers
  • Small and large food manufacturers

Why is this training important?

To ensure that microbiological testing regimes carried out in food business are correct and meet legislative requirements set out in EC 2073/2005 at a minimum and that other microbiological criteria’s can be used in addition to legal requirements for microbiological testing.

Learning outcomes

  • To understand microbiology and pathogenic organisms
  • How microbiology is used as a verification method in industry
  • To confirm that your microbiological testing regimes are sufficient to meet legislative requirements
  • How to set up micro regimes for testing
  • To find out how you can get your samples analysed
  • Understand results sent to you from laboratories and what they mean




  • Basic microbiology
  • Pathogenic organisms and indicator organisms
  • Legislation EC 2073/2005
  • Microbiological Guidelines: HPA Ready-to-eat guidelines, CFA guidelines
  • Acceptable/Unacceptable micro criteria for test results – how to interpretate data sent from laboratory
  • Shelf-life Testing Methods
  • Final Product Testing Methods
  • Water Testing Methods
  • Environmental Testing methods
  • Staff hygiene Testing Methods
  • Storage and Transportation of samples
  • How to develop a testing regime for your site
  • How to send samples to a laboratory
  • How to verify micro results
  • How to ensure your laboratory is accredited and that they are using the correct testing methods required by legislation

If you supply a customer who has specific micro testing methods required e.g. Tesco, If you let us know before hand we can include customer requirements in the course in addition to the above.


Course Duration: ½ day programme
Assessment: Exercises


All delegates will receive a certificate from Montgomery Food Consulting for completing the course.

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