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Cleaning & Hygiene Training

CIEH Level 2 Award in Cleaning in Food Premises

This qualification has been designed to provide an essential introduction to the hazards associated with cleaning in food premises and how to control the risks involved to help prevent harm being caused.

Who needs this qualification?

Anyone whose job it is to clean food premises needs to be aware of the hazards, risks and controls specific to their environment whether they are employed as in-house or contract cleaners.

Why is this training important?

Under Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 on the hygiene of food stuffs Annex II, food business operators are required to:

  • keep food premises clean and maintained in good repair and condition
  • ensure that any articles, fittings and equipment which come into contact with food are effectively cleaned and, where necessary, disinfected with sufficient frequency to avoid any risk of contamination

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the importance of cleaning in food premises, identify hazards and describe controls to reduce risk.
  • Understand the need for proper preparation before commencing cleaning operations in food premises, from storage to personal hygiene.
  • Understand the range of options available in the methods and materials for cleaning and outline the controls that can be implemented to prevent contamination and cross-contamination and facilitate cleaning.
  • Understand the importance of measuring the impact of the cleaning undertaken in food premises.


Course Duration: One-day programme
Assessment: Multiple choice examination
Ofqual Accredited: Yes
Ofqual qualification reference: 500/5526/4

Target Market: Hygiene teams, supervisors & managers, Quality control staff and technical managers


NEW TRAINING COURSE: Advanced Course in Cleaning Methodology & Hygiene Inspection

Montgomery Food Consulting have expertise in cleaning & disinfection & hygiene monitoring.  As a direct result of multiple retailer demands in food manufacture from Tesco TFMS, BRC and others, cleaning and hygiene monitoring has become a major contributional factor to non-conformances raised through supplier, BRC and Tesco TFMS audits associated with poor hygiene, signs of organic matter, pest control issues and food pathogen contamination.

From years of experience in the food industry, we have designed an Advanced cleaning and hygiene monitoring qualification for those individuals involved in cleaning activities and those who inspect and monitor hygiene in food manufacturing establishments.

Who needs this qualification?

Anyone whose job it is to clean food premises and inspect their own work after cleaning has been conducted and those individuals that verify cleaning activities on site to ensure standards are maintained daily every day.

Attendees on this course vary from cleaners (hygiene teams), cleaning supervisors and managers, quality control & technical managers.

Why is this training important?

To ensure that cleaning is carried out following procedure and that those individuals who are completing the cleaning duties are capable of inspecting their own work to ensure cleaning is satisfactory before end of their shift.  This training also gives an advanced outlook on legislative requirements, pathogenic organisms, bacteria, hygiene monitoring activities, auditing skills and key inspection points.

This training is both theory based and practical based and this type of training is in-house based specific to company cleaning regimes and systems.



  • Why Clean and the importance of cleaning?
  • Microorganisms that affect food industry
  • Chemical Awareness, Health & Safety
  • Detergents, Disinfectants & Sanitisers
  • PPE
  • Chemical Handling
  • Effective Cleaning methodology
  • Records and Documentation
  • Effective post clean inspections. Why and How?
  • How to inspect and how to identify key inspection points  
  • Hygiene Monitoring
  • Cleaning verification methods


  • Pests and signs of infestations
  • Maintenance Issues
  • Traffic light system for cleaning non-conformances to improve cleaning


Modules can be added to the courses specific to business needs e.g allergen cleaning and validation methods, different methods of application (CIP, manual, COP cleaning, Boil Out), fogging.


Practical Work 

Factory Floor – Inspection of areas and equipment and use of UV light and florescent light to aid inspections


Post clean inspection of key areas / items of equipment based on level of competency. Montgomery Food Consulting will carry out 3 pre-operational audits to determine competency levels over a period of 6 months to ensure standards are improving.

Course Duration: One-day programme
Assessment: Practical Audit of key inspection points on site

Target Market: Hygiene teams, supervisors & managers, Quality control staff and technical managers

Optional Hygiene Module in Course:

If you are having issues with cleaning on site, we can perform a methodology audit before commencement of course and make recommendations for improvement and produce an action plan for site to achieve targets the business wants to set with regard to hygiene and monitor through pre-operational audits when training is completed.


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