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Interim Technical Support Package

Interim Technical Support Package:

We have the manpower and expertise to help your business while under technical difficulty in your business.  The following circumstances may be occurring in your company and you may require assistance from Montgomery Food Consulting:

1.  Technical Manager has left the company
2.  Technical Manager is off on long term sick leave
3.  Technical manager is off on maternity leave
4.  You may be experiencing unplanned growth with securement of new contract and require technical assistance for:

* Specification writing
* Supplier Approval Audits
* New Product Development
*  Food Labelling

5.  You may not be able to afford a technical manager and require our assistance on a pre-determined frequency to maintain your systems and conduct audits e.g day a month, 1 day per week, fortnightly etc

6.  Do you need BRC accreditation and require our services for a fixed term contract e.g  3 months plus to gain certification

7.  Do you need help with supplier approval and require us to manage your system and complete supplier audits for you?
We have several companies currently on interim package and testimonials are available for this service

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