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Cleaning & Hygiene

Cleaning Procedure Verification Audit

An on-site audit conducted whilst observing hygiene team cleaning a key pieces of equipment, with the purpose of assessing the cleaning teams understanding and compliance to the cleaning procedures

Pre-operational Audit

An on-site audit conducted to access the Post Cleaning standards achieved in the plant when cleaning has been completed/ or prior to next production. UV light can be used upon request of the client. Our auditing standards are based on Tesco PIU and Hilton Meats Supplier pre-operational requirements.

Observational Audit

An on-site audit conducted to access the methodology, organisation and practices of the hygiene team.

ATP swabbing

If you want to reduce your analytical costs down for hygiene validations we can swab your premises for you using ATP swabbing methods

Problem solving hygiene audit

If you have a problem with pathogenic bacteria? e.g. listeria, we can conduct a thorough audit and observe practices and help you identify root cause of problem and set up swabbing regimes and conduct the work for you to resolve your problem.

Advanced Hygiene Monitoring training for Hygiene teams and Quality Control Staff:

This includes 4 hrs theory training – see training syllabus and 4hrs practical training learning staff what auditors look for in pre-operational hygiene audits. This training has been incorporated into Hilton Foods Ireland and Rosderra Irish Meats Sites.


Do you need assistance with your allergen cleaning validations? If so we can help design your cleaning regimes, take swabs for cleaning validations and conduct rapid testing and organise ELISA testing on site to enable you to meet BRC and Tesco PIU requirements for allergen control on your site.

Cleaning Instruction Cards

Do you require assistance with writing your cleaning instruction cards in conjunction with your chemical suppliers? If so we can help you meet BRC and Tesco PIU requirements with cleaning instruction cards for training your hygiene teams.

We can supply a polish interpreter upon request of the company at an additional charge.

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