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BRC Pre-Audit Preparation: Do you require a pre-audit prior to BRC to ensure your standards are high enough to gain certification in your next audit or are you preparing for BRC and want a GAP analysis completed to find out how far you are to gaining certification?
Duration: 1 day

Tesco TFMS Pre-Audit preparation: Do you require a pre-audit prior to Tesco PIU unannounced audit to ensure your standards are Blue or Green status prior to audit?
Duration: 1 day

Are you on an amber or red light and require help to get yourselves removed of that light onto a green or blue? We can advise you what to do in this circumstance.
Duration: Depends on circumstances

SALSA Pre-audit Preparation: Do you need certification and require a GAP analysis to be completed showing what you need to do to gain certification or maintain certification?

Duration: 1 day

Hilton Meats TFMS Pre-operational supplier audit: Do you need an audit completed to ensure your cleaning and hygiene is up to Hilton meats standard?
Duration: 2 hours

Cleaning Methodology Audits: Do you need your cleaning methodologies checked against your CIC’s on site to ensure staff are following procedures? Do you have a pathogen problem e.g. listeria and require help to identify source?
Duration: Depends on length of cleaning shift approx. 5 hours

Pre-operational Hygiene Audits: Do you need your hygiene monitored or checked by 2nd party?
Duration: 2 hours

Supplier Audits: Do you need your suppliers audited?
Duration: Depends on level of auditing required

Food hygiene rating system pre-audit: Do you need your hygiene, processes and records verified to maintain hygiene score on the door system?
Duration: 1 day

Internal Audits: Do you need your QMS systems audited on a monthly basis for BRC audit preparation?
Duration: 1 day per month

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